Humorous Erotica

I got some good publicity from one of Toronto’s major newspapers today – The Toronto Sun. Writer and author, Mike Strobel, did a comedic piece on my book and I thought it a funny read to share. Check it out here.

I’m also judging a short story erotica-comedy contest with hot author, George Pappas. The contest is being hosted by the lovely L.M. Stull and first prize will be a KINDLE!  Get all the details here. Enter and give us your funny, sexy pieces! Look forward to reading them.

On another funny note, and I hope it will be more fun than funny—my book launch is today.  Hope to have some laughs with friends old and new. After all, erotica can be sexy and fun, and sometimes funny too.

Stay sexy,




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5 responses to “Humorous Erotica

  1. Hello Eden,
    You had me at Nunchuk.
    Loved the Toronto Sun’s article. We wanted to wish standing room only at your book launch, later on today. Such salacious reading. Wish we were there.


  2. That is a awesome article!
    I hope you have a really great time tonight at your launch!!


  3. Mae

    Loved your interview in the Sun! What a terrific turn out at Ben McNally’s for your book launch! I really enjoyed the reading…great fun! I can’t wait to settle in and dive into the book!


  4. Thanks all for your comments. The launch was great. Posted pix on HOME page.


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