Musical Mondays – “I’m a Man”

I thought it fitting to start off the first Musical Mondays’ post in February with a song about being a man. It is, after all, Marvelous Male Month, and I love heavy testosterone-driven songs.

I’m also a fan of raw lyrics, and this song certainly has that. Backing up the legendary Muddy Waters are the Rolling Stones.

Enjoy and stay sexy,


6 thoughts on “Musical Mondays – “I’m a Man”

  1. Hi Eden!

    Thanks so much for sharing this *killer* video!~ I am also a fan of raw lyrics and happily celebrate MARVELOUS MALE MONTH with you. Cheers to men. *wiggles hips a little*

    P.S. I love your blog.

    1. Muddy Waters was a class act for sure … the Stones—yeah, still love their music, but Mick could definitely be over the top at times.

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