Guest Blog at: The Feckless Goblin

Don’t be fooled by the name. Ziggy Kinsella, author and goblin, is anything but feckless. You only need to read some of his Feckless Rants to realize that.

Today, he’s graciously offered me a spot on his blog to share my thoughts on Erotica and the Sexes.

Find out:

1. How some men react when I say I write erotica.

2. What my mother-in-law thinks of my book.

3. If I think men prefer watching porn over reading erotica.

Read my post here at The Feckless Goblin. I would love to hear your comments—especially on a fellow writer’s site.

Enjoy and stay sexy,




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3 responses to “Guest Blog at: The Feckless Goblin

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  2. Great blog post. You did a great job.


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