Musical Mondays – “On the Beach”

-40 ºC  is where it also equals -40 ºF. That’s how cold it was in certain parts of North America over the weekend.

I had deluded myself into thinking it might be a mild winter after a temperate December. So, what did I do when it got so cold it took my breath away to be outside for just ten minutes? I thought of the beach, sand, ocean, and then Chris Rea came to mind.

Remember him? He’s the Englishman who had a few big hits in the eighties—one of the biggest: “On the Beach.”

I read up on him, discovered he had suffered pancreatitis in 2000 with a 50% chance of survival. He promised that if he recovered, he would return to his blues roots. Well … he made it, and it’s nice to hear. I’ve always loved his voice, his slide guitar, and of course, I love the blues.

Enjoy the return of Chris Rea, and hope this song warms you up on this cold day.

Stay sexy,




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4 responses to “Musical Mondays – “On the Beach”

  1. I didn’t know this one – enjoyed it with my first coffee of the day – I know him best for his ‘road to hell’ – great voice and guitar work


  2. Hi Alberta, yes, “Road to Hell” was another big hit for him. Nice to see him still doing music after all these years.
    Thanks for commenting, Eden.


  3. I’ve heard this song before but not this version…..Thank you for posting it…


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