Thriller of a Book Trailer

On my Musical Mondays post this week, I wrote about book trailers, specifically the use of music and video to sell books.

Today, I’d like to highlight a video that I loved from the moment I watched it till the time I bought the book. It doesn’t contain a song, but it does have a suspense soundtrack that is perfect for the genre—a thriller entitled Pilate’s Cross by J. Alexander Greenwood.

The book is described as:  ‘The X-Files’ meets ‘The Prisoner.’ John Pilate, his sarcastic imaginary pal Simon and lovely friend Kate investigate the cold case of a murdered college president with loose ends more than 40 years later. In too deep to wash his hands of the mystery—will he survive?

I first watched the video mid December when the author asked fellow writers, myself included, to provide support to him by voting for it against 19 other book trailers. The video was competing for the best book trailer of the month.  I watched it, checked out the other ones in the running, and without a doubt, felt this one was far superior to any of them.

My comment at the time was:  The trailer for Pilate’s Cross reminds me of David Fincher’s film “Zodiac.” It’s dark, mysterious, and contains just enough of a teaser to leave me wanting more.

Well, guess what? I don’t think I was the only one who loved it as Pilate’s Cross won the contest!

I hope you enjoy it. If you do, please let the author know. Go to his Facebook page and show him some love! Better yet, buy the book – it’s a fabulous read.

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9 thoughts on “Thriller of a Book Trailer

  1. Eden–Many thanks. This book trailer would not have made it “to the screen” without the talented team at T2+Back Alley Films of Kansas City. They believed in the book and worked hard to bring it to life on film. They will no doubt be thrilled at your take on their concept–to compare it to Fincher is a testament to their vision and talent. Thanks so much, and if your readers join my Facebook page and post “Eden sent me!” on the wall, I’ll send them a FREE download of the ebook! Thanks again!

    1. Alex, thanks for commenting. I am happy to have a forum to highlight talent in every area – whether it be film, writing, or music.

      Yours is a wonderful story backed by a great trailer. I see this medium to sell books becoming more prevalent, and T2+Back Alley Films has certainly set the bar high–which is a good thing.

      What a wonderful offer to my readers! I will definitely let them know so they can get a copy. Thank you, Eden

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