Succulent Wild Woman: Beth Mairs

I went to a fabulous bash at the Gladstone Hotel on the weekend. It was to celebrate the twentieth year of Wild Women Expeditions—a company that organizes outdoor adventure trips exclusively for women. The evening accomplished many things. Among them were:

– Approximately two hundred Wild Women who had not seen each other in years were able to reconnect.
– Founder, Beth Mairs, had passed the torch over to new owner, Jennifer Brammer, and many got a chance to meet Jennifer for the first time.
– Proceeds for the event were used to help fund Beth’s documentary film called Does This Canoe Make Me Look Fat?, which is being produced under her new company, BAM North Productions.

Now, isn’t that a fantastic name for a film? I loved it the first time I heard it, and the powers that be must have loved it too. It’s been confirmed at the National Film Board for a screening with a top producer this December!

I am not one of the Wild Women; I’ve never taken a trip. My association with Beth has been through my husband who has worked on WWE print media for the past fifteen years. I have only met Beth a handful of times, had her over for dinner, and all I can say is—what a firecracker! She has one of those indomitable spirits that is difficult to forget long after she has left the room. With an exuberant laugh and energy to burn, it’s no wonder she’s successfully helmed WWE for as long as she has.

Beth has forged something unique for women in a male-dominated industry, and she has thrived! That unfailing determination is without a doubt, what will make her successful in the film business. It’s obvious from the turnout at Saturday’s event that she has built some strong bonds over the years, and those relationships will continue to move her forward.

Beth Mairs—fun-loving visionary who loves eating my home-baked cookies—I salute you.

Stay sexy,



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