When did I become such a geek?

For the past week, I’ve been immersed in total “geekdom.” I’ve researched blogs, googled plug-ins, and watched countless Youtube videos on how to insert widgets. If you didn’t know any better, you might think I was researching my next book, perhaps a story about two men and their foray into some new sexual position. Unfortunately, it was nothing that exciting. It’s all been part of the language I’ve had to learn to market a book in today’s virtual age.

As the end of the week rolled around, I thought I had gotten some reprieve when Ramone and I went out for dinner at Enoteca Sociale. We had never tried it, and it was a neighborhood place that had gotten some great reviews. The atmosphere was lively, the food fantastic, and the service exemplary. So…what did we talk about? Flash, iframe, JavaScript, HTML, badges, and more on the differences between widgets and plug-ins!

Oy! My brain was fried. I couldn’t believe I had turned into such a geek.

Back in high school, the word “geek” meant the opposite of “cool.” Geeks were the weird kids whom I had envisioned living in their parents’ basements, playing with their imaginary friends, and being part of the chess club because no other club would let them join. Had I become one of them? Well, I didn’t live in the basement, but I did have imaginary friends. Come to think of it…I was also in the chess club.



Stay sexy,





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4 responses to “When did I become such a geek?

  1. Flash, iframe, JavaScript…..such sexy dinner talk. =)


  2. Joseph

    I can see you in the chess club Eden.


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