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Feminist Porn Awards 2014 – Photo Slideshow #FPA2014

What a night it was for the 9th Annual Feminist Porn Awards last Friday, April 4th. Outside it was pouring rain, but inside the Castlefield Event Theatre (formerly the Capitol Theatre), hot bodies pressed up against one another.

I was part of a small jury to judge the submissions, and had been diligently watching porn for the past couple of months. Tough job, but someone had to do it. ;)

You can find out more about my involvement here.

I had a wonderful time with friends in support of GOOD FOR HER, creator of the event.

Thanks to everyone who embraces sexual diversity and inclusiveness. Your acceptance made for a beautiful evening.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Hope you enjoy the slideshow.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Approx. 20 photos by John B.

Photos from KristyBoyce.com used with permission (individually credited).

* * * *

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Feminist Porn Awards 2013 – Photo Slideshow

The 8th Annual Feminist Porn Awards was a wonderful event, as usual. Hot bodies packed the Capitol Event Theatre on April 5th, and Toronto North will never be the same!

You can find out more about my involvement with the awards here.

I had a wonderful time with friends and supporting  GOOD FOR HER who sponsored the event.

Thanks to all the people who continue to embrace sexual diversity and inclusiveness. Your energy made for an unforgettable evening.

Congratulations to all the winners!



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Approx. 20 photos courtesy of John B, Olga Barsky, and various photographers

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An Awards Show Like No Other @fempornawards #fpa2013

On April 5th, I’ll be attending the 8th Annual Feminist Porn Awards.

Good For Her is Toronto’s premiere erotic store and sponsors the Feminist Porn Awards.

It’s the third year in a row I’ve been invited to judge a wide selection of films and websites for the show. Many people have asked me: “Is feminist porn different from traditional porn?”

The answer is “YES.”

Here’s how Good for Her answers the question.

Nominees must meet at least 2 of the following criteria:

1) Women and/or traditionally marginalized people were involved in the direction, production and/or conception of the work.

2) The work depicts genuine pleasure, agency and desire for all performers, especially women and traditionally marginalized people.

3) The work expands the boundaries of sexual representation on film, challenges stereotypes and presents a vision that sets the content apart from most mainstream pornography.  This may include depicting a diversity of desires, types of people, bodies, sexual practices, and/or an anti-racist or anti-oppression framework throughout the production.

And of course it must be hot! Visit Good for Her to learn more.

good for her banner


You can find out more about the 8th Annual Feminist Porn Awards, where I’ll also be presenting an award.

Tickets are still available online. They’re going fast, so grab them now! This year, gala night has a NEW venue – the Capitol Event Theatre.

Look forward to seeing you there!


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Photos of my Book Signing for Spring into Summer

Screen shot 2012-12-01 at 2.37.56 PM

Date: Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Location: Ben McNally Books, Toronto

Adult gifts donated byGood for Her

Find out what was included in the gift bags here.

* * * *

My book signing for Spring into Summer was lovely and filled with old friends and new. Readers were also able to pick up a copy of Fall into Winter, my first book.

Thanks so much to everyone who came out on a chilly evening to show your support, and also to those who ordered books ahead of time because they couldn’t attend.

You have my deepest gratitude,


* * * *

Readings from:

Another Hotel Room by Steven Marty Grant, because so many of his words inspired mine.

Hit the link to buy a copy

Buy your copy now!


“The Lottery” from Spring into Summer

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Approximately 35 pictures courtesy of: John B.


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Reminder ~ My Book Signing for Spring into Summer is Nov. 28th

People who attended my signing at Ben McNally’s last year for Fall into Winter had a blast, and I hope tomorrow will be equally, if not more entertaining.

If you’d like to attend, you can RSVP me directly at eden (dot) baylee (at) rogers (dot) com and check out the details here.

If you’re on Facebook, you can reply here, or via my author’s page.

In addition to signing and reading from Spring into Summer, I’ll be giving away prizes to a few lucky winners.

This in itself should be reason for you to come by!

*     *     *     *

The prizes include just some of the following:

Poetry collection Another Hotel Room by Steven Marty Grant

~ Sexy, erotic, raw poetry from one of my favorite poets.

He’s terrific and I’m reading one of his pieces too!

Music CD with selections from my blog’s Musical Mondays

My favorite brand of lip balm

~ I hate chapped lips, and I don’t want you to have them either.

Adult toys, massage oils, and more

~ Graciously donated by my favorite adult store Good for Her

Look forward to seeing you! 


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Feminist Porn Awards 2012 – Photo Slideshow

The 7th Annual Feminist Porn Awards are over, and it was ridiculously fun. Held at Berkeley Church in downtown Toronto, the two floors were packed with hot bodies all night long!

To find out about my involvement with the awards, read my post here.

I met some some wonderfully creative people and had the pleasure of presenting awards for Honored Websites. To get a list of all the winners and find out more, visit GOOD FOR HERthe premiere erotic boutique in Toronto that sponsored the event.

Enjoy the slideshow, and stay sexy,

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 Approx. 25 pictures courtesy of John B


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Feminist Porn Awards 2012

It’s that time of year again. No, I don’t mean tax time … I’m talking porn time.

Good For Her is Toronto's premiere store for women and their admirers who want high quality sex toys, books, DVDs, workshops, sensual art, and much more.

Over the past month, I’ve holed myself up to watch porn—lots and lots of porn as part of a  jury for the Feminist Porn Awards. This is my second year doing it; you can read about my experience from last year here.

It’s been fun, but it isn’t easy watching porn back to back, or front to back, or side to side, or upside down for that matter—so many positions to keep track of. ;) Okay, I jest, but it’s hard work that has some perks.

I reviewed approximately thirty movies and twenty websites, rating them on their level of erotic appeal and whether I saw anything groundbreaking or exceptional. The nominees this year were excellent and reconfirmed for me there are as many sexual preferences as there are people.

Vive la différence, I say.

You can find out more about the 7th Annual Feminist Porn Awards, where I’ll be presenting an award.

The festivities begin April 18th, and the Awards Gala is April 20th. Get your tickets now and hope to see you there!


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Feminist Porn Awards 2011 – Photo Slideshow

The 6th Annual Feminist Porn Awards are over, and it was a blast! The winners were finally announced on April 15th. If you want to know more about my involvement, read my blog post.

My book, Fall into Winter, was part of a silent auction with award-winning author, Tristan Taormino’s DVD, Expert Guide to Female Orgasms and other great items. It was a fantastic evening filled with love, laughs, and HOT porn!

Along with filmmaker, Cheryl Dunye, I presented awards for Honoured Websites.

To get a list of all the winners and find out more, visit GOOD FOR HER —the premiere erotic boutique in Toronto.

Enjoy the photos, and stay sexy,


*  *  *  *

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Approximately 50 photos courtesy of John B.


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Feminist Porn Awards

If you’ve been keeping up with my monthly updates, you’ll know I was on a jury for the Sixth Annual Feminist Porn Awards. The event is sponsored by Good for Her, one of the stores selling my book.

In the month of March, I watched more porn than I have in my entire life. I like porn—on occasion—in sound bites. This, however, was more than a bite. It was a gigantic chomp for about three weeks straight.  I watched and reviewed close to thirty films and websites, rating them on things such as level of erotic appeal and whether I saw anything groundbreaking or exceptional.

I was honored to be included as a judge, but I must say—it was work—a lot of work. I wanted to make sure I gave each film the attention it deserved, and to do that, I had to pay attention. It’s not unlike reading a book as a beta reader. You need to look for certain things: holes in the plot; continuity issues; unrealistic characters. With porn, the added element was “Does this film turn me on sexually?” If it did, I usually forgave a lot of the weaker elements.

As a writer of erotica, I don’t seek out porn to inspire me,  but I have used it for research—usually when I’m trying to figure out if a sex scene I’ve written is even anatomically possible. In the process, I’ve sometimes come across a scene that sparks an idea for a story, or just sparks something in me…either way, it arouses my psyche which leads to my imagination doing some acrobatics of sorts, and then words fall onto a page. It doesn’t always happen, but it’s really great when it does.

The Feminist Porn Festival continues tonight with a public screening and a Q&A session. Tickets are still on sale for tomorrow’s awards ceremony. I saw some excellent entries (no pun intended), so do try and attend if you can. It’s certainly a fun and different way to spend your Friday night!

I’ll be presenting an award and look forward to seeing you there.

I also got interviewed  by Toronto Sun columnist, Mike Strobel about my involvement with the festival and my views on the changing face of “Toronto the Good.”

Read his article here, which I’ll also repost on my Interviews page.

Stay sexy,



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Announcements – What’s New?

March got off to such a fast start that my head is still spinning—but in a good way!  I’ve updated all the events under the March News page and summarize in a brief blog now.

This past weekend, I found out that my book, Fall into Winter, was nominated by The Romance Reviews in the category of: Best Anthology-Erotic Romance.

The winner is chosen based on # of votes, so if you’re so inclined and would like to vote for me – I’d greatly appreciate it. To do so, GO HERE.  I’m in the very first category listed. You will need to create an account with The Romance Reviews if you don’t have one already.

Many thanks in advance! Voting closes March 31st.

The WORD COUNT Podcast - You can hear me read my story with 6 other authors on a writers’ podcast. The prompt was: “A Conversation with Death,” and my story is entitled: “A Second Chance with Death.” Of course, it’s of an erotic nature, so be forewarned. Find the links for it here on my blog.

I’m judging two events this month: EROTIC/COMEDY SHORT STORY CONTEST and FEMINIST PORN AWARDS. Go to my March News page for all the details.

Thanks for your continued support, and as always,

Stay sexy,



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A Triple X-rated Book Launch

Exciting - There was definitely a buzz in the air.

Exotic - Such a great mix of people.

Extremely erotic - Just watch the videos of the readings!

* * * *

Date: Thursday, February 10, 2011

Location: Ben McNally Books

Food donated by: Compri Food Services

Adult gifts donated by: Good for Her

Eden’s jewelry by: Danyka Collection

My book launch was lovely and filled with laughter. Along with the slide show below, I’ve written an article about it here.

Videos have now been posted and can be found here.

Words can’t express my gratitude to everyone who came out, but … thank you—so much. Your presence touched me in more ways than you will ever know.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Approximately 140 pictures courtesy of: Cindy L., Janet H., John B.


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Book Launch of Fall into Winter

I’ve written daily in a journal since my teens and have destroyed all my diaries from that period of my life—literally burned them. I recall what instigated the bonfire. I was leaving Montreal for Toronto—moving to a new city for university, and I had convinced myself I didn’t want to carry my diaries with me—seven small books that wouldn’t have taken up much space in my luggage.

Only years later, did I realize it was the fear of discovery that made me destroy them, the fear that someone, for whatever reason, could steal, of all things, my journals. I must’ve had delusions of grandeur. No one would’ve been interested in the crap I wrote as a teenager: daily angst-ridden reflections involving crushes on male teachers; musings on my directionless career goals; and of course, sexual fantasies that spanned the normal to the “deviant,” or at least, what I considered deviant back then.

This may read like an odd introduction to an article about my book launch, but bear with me. In the past month, likely in concert with lack of sleep, (I’ve not had more than five hours of continuous sleep since early January), I’ve neglected writing daily in my journal. Some days, I’ve had to catch up on almost a week’s worth of events. I’d rack my brain to try and remember what I did, often looking to Ramone to fill in the blanks.

Lack of sleep and fear of discovery—a deadly combination for me. It’s great to publish a book, but now, I had to sell it. Though promotion wasn’t something I enjoyed doing, the end result was if I did it well, my book would get into the hands of readers, and that’s what I wanted, right? Of course it was, but that meant they could read my innermost thoughts, my deviant sexual fantasies. Somehow that adolescent angst came rushing back, at least for a brief time.

I’m not a teenager anymore, and I no longer burn books. When I decided to become a writer, I knew I didn’t want to keep my thoughts to myself anymore. Considering I sold out at my very first book launch, I’d say I’m cautiously optimistic about my future as an author.

Below are highlights of the event:

  • A strange looking “bag lady” wanders the store shortly after we arrive to set up. She’s mysteriously shrouded in an oversized, black coat. Ramone is concerned she’s there to steal the booze.
  • She turns out to be one of my best friends who has taken the bus in from Montreal to surprise me! Janet H’s arrival sets the tone for the evening, as my biggest fear all along has been that no one will show up. In the end, my RSVPs were accurate — I had attendance of just under 100 people.
  • An impromptu book signing for a few early birds escalates to a line-up of people who seem to show up all at once.
  • I sign books for about an hour before taking a break.
  • Ben introduces me, and his dry wit is peppered with comedic timing. He has the crowd roaring with laughter.
  • My speech is tame compared to Ben’s, its goal to provide thanks to those who have helped me. As I asked for the indulgence of my guests that night, I ask it of you here as well:

- To Ben McNally Books – specifically to Ben for creating a beautiful bookstore, and having the generosity of spirit to take a chance on a first-time author.

- To John P – PR man extraordinaire and mentor who helped to “brand” me, and to his lovely wife, Alex, who attended in his absence to be my crutch.

- To Alexa Clark – social entrepreneur, author, and creator of the CheapEats Restaurant Guide Series. Her ability to connect me to the right people was immensely helpful, but even more important was the confidence she instilled in me to market myself properly.

- To Betty Dworatschek – legal professional by day, and owner of Metal Queen Management by night. Her connections in the music industry are boundless, and she taught me how to use her promotional techniques for planning my own event.

- To Mike Strobel – because he gave me some major press through his article in the Toronto Sun, and though he may not think I’m a bad girl, he certainly knows they sell.

- To Mae L – because she’s my oldest friend and has been there through all the ups and downs and is still around after all these years.

- To Janet H – because she took a 6-hour bus ride to attend my 2-hour event, leaving behind her husband, 3 kids, and a dog only to have to return later that night.

- To Jimmy Y – because he’s my brother, and he’s always given me unconditional support no matter what I’ve done.

- To all who were in attendance or had someone purchase a book on their behalf – because of your constant support, my accomplishments do not seem hollow.

- And finally, to my husband, Ramone – not only does he make it possible for me to write, he makes it meaningful and worthwhile.

I’d also like to acknowledge the generous donations from:

Compri Food Services

The food was amazing and the service—stellar.

Compri has been catering to corporate and social clients in and around the Toronto area since 1989. Whether it’s a group of ten, or ten thousand, consider Compri for your next affair.

Good for Her

Vibrators, free porn, and massage oil were just a few of the gifts donated by Good for Her, a Toronto erotic boutique that carries high quality sex toys, books, and DVDs. They also conduct educational workshops for men, women, and couples.

It was a lovely book launch, and I’m thrilled to have shared it with so many people. The photos and videos  are now posted, and they tell the rest of the evening’s events.

Photo slide show


I’m a firm believer that you cannot say “Thank you,” too many times, so I’ll say it again. Thank you to everyone who took time out of their busy days to come and see me, buy a book or two, and provide such encouraging words. You’ve made this one of the most memorable times of my life.

For those who were not able to buy a book—Ben now has more books in stock. If you were unable to get your book signed, I would be more than happy to do it. Send me an e-mail and we can arrange to meet for a coffee.

I really do need to get out of the house more often!

Stay sexy,



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