This page contains audio-recorded readings for the WORD COUNT Podcast, created and hosted by author, R. B. Wood.

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June 2, 2015 – Episode #48

Prompt: Use the words: Train. Blink. Dark. Read my story “Down on Luck.”


May 5, 2015 – Episode #47

Prompt: Use the words: Theatre. Tourist. Savory: Read my story “Morning Ritual.”


Jan 18, 2015 – Episode #45 co-written with Bill Kirton

Prompt: Use the words: Frozen. Whisky. Time: Read our story “The Wrong Shoes.”


Nov 25, 2014Episode #44

Prompt: Use the words: Woman. Book. Fall. Read my story “Bookmark.”


Oct 31, 2014 Episode #43

Halloween show prompt: Use the words: Knife. Cloak. Blood. Read my story “Clowning Around.”


Sept 3, 2014Episode #42

This was a special episode devoted to just me and my book, Stranger at Sunset.


May 14, 2014Episode #40

Prompt: Use the words: Glass. Bed. Bow in your story. Read my story “The Final Countdown.


Apr 8, 2014 – Episode #39

Prompt: “I was walking on the white sands at Magens Bay in St Thomas when…” Read my story “The Locket.”


Feb 16, 2014 – Episode #37

Prompt: “I was out for an early morning stroll when…” Read my story “Wild World.”


Jan 21, 2014 – Episode #36

Prompt: “The snow drifts covered the door and the windows of the cabin…” Read my story “The Last Refuge.”


Sept 8, 2013 – Episode #34

Prompt: “The Oracle smiled and said “Ah. I have been waiting for you…” Read my story “Awaiting my Religion.”


Aug 20, 2013 – Episode #33

Prompt: “You’ve discovered you have a superpower…” Read my story “The Power of Being Human.”


July 24, 2013 – Episode #32

Prompt: “Being dead can be quite liberating…” Read my story “Blessings of Life and Death.”


May 27, 2013 – Episode #31

Prompt: “The Thief” Read my story “One Stolen Night.”


Apr 6, 2013 – Episode #29

Prompt: “That’s when the cameras all turned toward me…” Read my story “From Every Angle.”


Mar 3, 2013 – Episode #28

Prompt: “One. Two. Three. He caressed each bullet in the palm of his hand before slipping it into its chamber…” Read my story “Farewell My Love.”


Feb 3, 2013 – Episode #27

Prompt: “Mistaken identity at the pub…” Read my story “Mistaken Double Identity.”


Dec 9, 2012 – Episode #26 

Prompt: “Those last few steps seemed the most difficult I had ever made in my life.” Read my story “Last Steps.” 


June 3, 2012 – Episode #25 

Prompt: “A scene between you and your favorite fictional character.” Read my story “Doing It With the King.” 


February 25, 2012 – Episode #23

Episode 23 was a special episode dedicated to Indies Unite for Joshua with the prompt: “Beating the Odds” Read my story Cancer – My Story.”


January 28, 2012 – Episode #22

Prompt: “I washed the blood from my hands …” Read my story “On the Heels of Submission.” 


October 2,  2011 – Episode #19

Prompt: “The only difference between a madman and me is that I’m not mad.” Read my story “I’m Not Mad, I’m Hysterical.”


August 27, 2011 – Episode #17

Prompt: “It happened so quickly I had no time to think, only react…” Read my poem “Creative States.”


August 8, 2011 – Episode #16

Prompt: “Your character suspects his/her husband is having an affair and decides to spy on him. What she/he discovers is not what he/she was expecting…” Read my story “Better Her, Than Me.”


July 5, 2011Episode #15

Prompt: “A taxi ride late one night in the city turns strange when…” Read my story “Taxi to India.”


May 21, 2011 – Episode #14

Prompt: “Interaction with a character of your creation with a famous fictional character.” Read my story “A Man of Wealth and Taste.”


Apr 8, 2011 – Episode #12

Prompt: “Pick  a line from a song you love and write a story …” Read my story “Slave to Love.”


Mar 25, 2011Episode #11

Prompt: “I’ve Got a Secret …” Read my story “The Confession.”


Mar 5, 2011 – Episode #10

Prompt: “A Conversation with Death.” Read my story “A Second Chance with Death.”