Author @TobyWNeal releases NIGHTBIRD for the JET series on @kindleworlds

I’m thrilled to highlight the latest release from Toby Neal. She’s the bestselling author who has her own Lei Crime Series on Kindle Worlds. I’ve written for it, so I know it’s an amazing series!

In between Toby’s travels and her own books, she helped launch the JET Kindle Worlds for Russell Blake, a brilliant author I interviewed early on in his career.

If you love Russell’s JET series, you’ll love NIGHTBIRD by Toby.

Read a recent interview Toby did with Russell about NIGHTBIRD, and pick up your copy. It’s available right now! 

* * * *


Sold via Amazon US

What if Jet had a sister?

Lila Weiss, full time neurobiologist and part time ballerina, has been searching for the little sister she lost through divorce and death. She finds Maya in prison—and a whole lot more, in the brooding presence of a psychological profiler codenamed “Benjamin.” Benjamin sees Lila’s potential value to Israel’s interests and recruits her as an asset for Mossad, giving her a crash course in spycraft, destruction and love that has international repercussions.

“This story has legs.” —Russell Blake

* * * *

Connect to Toby

Toby Neal

WebsiteFacebook | Twitter @tobywneal

Amazon author page

* * * *


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Music Monday and Brian Jones

Last week, I blogged about Amy Winehouse who passed away July 23, 2011 at the age of 27.

She is one in a long line of musicians who belong to the “Club of 27.” It’s uncanny how many of the greats died at that age. Over the next weeks, I’ll revisit their music, which fortunately did not die with them.

Here’s “Ruby Tuesday” with the Rolling Stones, and Brian Jones on the flute.

He passed away July 3, 1969.

Hope you have a sunny week ahead,



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Author Lucas Kana releases PRINCESS EYES for #LEICrimeKW (@rampingpress)

Author Lucas Kana released his novella PRINCESS EYES recently for the Lei Crime Series on Kindle Worlds, based on the books of bestselling author, Toby Neal. He did a unique move and released it in two parts. Find out more about each book and connect to Lucas.

* * * *

princess eyes 1

Princess Eyes Part I

Geeky Honolulu Lieutenant, Michael Stevens, teams up to investigate a series of homicides with Jenna Brooke, a streetwise psychologist for the FBI, which leads to the mysterious disappearance of a local beauty queen known as ‘Princess Eyes.’

Timeline: 10 years before Blood Orchids in a semi-alternate universe where Stevens starts out as a nerd.


princess eyes 2 Princess Eyes Part II

Do serial killers really change their stripes? One of the first cases Michael Stevens tackles quickly goes cold, and haunts him. Six years and nine bodies of beautiful women later, the young lieutenant and his Major Crimes Unit find a new lead in their hunt for The Groom. That’s when things get tricky. Men start dying.

To further complicate matters, he must navigate the newfound emotions he has for his temporary partner, Special Agent Jenna Brooke.

The answers are found in an old mystery surrounding the rape of a local beauty queen known as “Princess Eyes,” but can Stevens and his team get to the truth before the killer strikes again?

* * *

You can find Part I and Part II of Princess Eyes on It’s available now! flourish

Connect to Lucas

lucas kana


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Author @ChristineNolfi releases THE SHELL SEEKER for #LeiCrimeKW

the shell keeperAuthor Christine Nolfi has released her second book for the  Lei Crime Series on Kindle Worlds.

Her first one, The Shell Keeper, continues to top the charts.

Now the story continues in the The Shell Seeker.

Find out more about the book that’s already the #1 NEW RELEASE on Kindle Worlds! flourish the shell seeker

Available NOW from Amazon US

In South Carolina, there’s more than magic in the air. Now policewoman Lei Texeira must solve the case of the Pirate Necklace. The famed emeralds, spirited in the 1700s from the pirate Blackbeard’s ship, have been snatched once again. This time, the bling was taken from Marie-Therese Belvedere, a woman whose cruelty is only topped by her arrogance. Lei doesn’t care for the icy socialite, but she feels an instant connection with the woman’s stepdaughter. An unlucky star has followed Sydney Belvedere her entire life. If the necklace isn’t found, she’ll lose a treasure more dear than the finest gem. Only the magic of Lei’s intuition stands between Sydney and unspeakable loss.

* * *

 Connect with Christine

christine nolfi

 Website | Twitter @christinenolfi | Goodreads Author Page

Facebook Author Page | Amazon Author Page

Award-winning author Christine Nolfi provides readers with heartwarming and inspiring fiction. Her debut Treasure Me is a Next Generation Indie Awards finalist. The Midwest Book Review lists her books as “highly recommended” and her novels have enjoyed bestseller status. She has also written the manual for writers Reviews Sell Books. Look for her new series, Heavenscribe. Chat with her on Twitter at @christinenolfi and visit her at



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Music Monday and AMY Winehouse

Amy Winehouse passed away July 23, 2011. I blogged it here, and it’s hard to believe she’s been gone almost four years.

A new documentary called AMY releases this month, and I’m looking forward to seeing it.

Here’s “Love is a Losing Game.”

Hope you have a sunny week ahead,



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.@MLDoyleAuthor interviews Eden Baylee about SEAL of a MONK for #LeiCrimeKW

Many thanks to author M.L. Doyle for interviewing me about my upcoming book – SEAL of a Monk.

M.L. writes about women in the military and also wrote Hidden Poppies for the Lei Crime series. Be sure to connect to her!

You can read my interview by hitting the graphic below.

ml doyle graphic

Connect to M. L. 

ml doyle

Website | Twitter @MLDoyleauthor | Amazon Page

M. L. Doyle has served in the U.S. Army at home and abroad for more than two decades as both a soldier and civilian. Her devotion to writing about women in combat boots led her to pen THE MASTER SERGEANT HARPER series which has earned numerous awards and five star reviews from readers who enjoy a strong female lead in a noir mystery which happens to involve military life.

Mary is the co-author of two memoirs; A PROMISE FULFILLED; THE STORY OF A WIFE AND MOTHER, SOLDIER AND GENERAL OFFICER (Jan. 2013) and the memoir, I’M STILL STANDING: FROM CAPTIVE U.S. SOLDIER TO FREE CITIZEN–MY JOURNEY HOME (Touchstone, 2010), which was nominated for an NAACP Image award.

Mary has also authored a series of four adult romance novellas in THE LIMITED PARTNERSHIPS SERIES. (Sept.-Dec. 2013)

A Minneapolis, Minnesota native, Mary current lives in Baltimore. You can find her at her website, where you will find links to all of her other social media connections.

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Julie C. Gilbert reveals MONEY MAKES IT DEADLIER for #LeiCrimeKW (@authorgilbert)

never againAuthor Julie C. Gilbert has released her second book for the  Lei Crime Series on Kindle Worlds.

She helped launch the series with Never Againher first Defining Moments book.

Now she brings you a second novella with Money Makes it Deadlier.

Look for it when it comes out at the end of the month!
flourish money makes it deadlier

Money can buy many things, but can it purchase a permanent solution to divorce?

Martin Cantrell would like to know the answer to that question. He has money, respect, and power, but he also has a monthly alimony payment that’s making him miserable. When a friend offers to deal with the “ex” problem for a fee, he can hardly say no. Time is of the essence. The life insurance policy on his ex-wife expires in less than two months.

Unaware of the plans set in motion, Special Agent Marcella Scott goes about her business as usual, only now, she finally has an excuse to dress up on the job. She’s been asked to go undercover to check out some banks. One of the branches just happens to be managed by Martin Cantrell’s ex-wife.

What’s an agent to do when a perfectly peaceful morning turns into a hostage-taking standoff?

* * *

Money Makes it Deadlier will be added to the growing list of books for the Lei Crime Series on Amazon US.


 Connect with Julie

Screen shot 2015-07-14 at 12.43.21 PM

 Blog | Twitter @authorgilbert | Pinterest

Facebook Author Page | Amazon Author Page

Julie is a high school chemistry teacher who spends all summer writing. Her stories tend to fall in YA, YA sci-fi, sci-fi, or Christian mystery genres though on a challenge from a friend, she’s also attempted YA paranormal.

She has had the recent privilege of working with some extremely talented people: Timothy Sparvero (artist – book covers), Kristin Condon (actress – narrator for audiobooks), and Matthew Tanner (music composer for audiobooks)

She enjoys warm (not hot) weather, tea, coffee, reading, writing, teaching, and listening to books on CD.



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Cover Reveal – SEAL of a MONK by Eden Baylee for #LeiCrimeKW

ASIP KWThe past couple of months have been busy ones — mainly plotting my upcoming novel, A FRAGILE TRUCE and completing a second novella for the Lei Crime Series on Kindle Worlds, based on the books of author, Toby Neal.

A Snake in Paradise released April 7th and launched the series along with seven other books.

We toured in June, and the experience has been so wonderful, I thought to do it again!

SEAL of a Monk brings back my main character, Lainey Lee, with a completely different storyline. You don’t need to read A Snake in Paradise first, but it would give you more insight into the character if you did. ;)

The new novella is in final edits and I’m thrilled to reveal the cover.


seal of a monk

Isn’t it fabulous! Huge thanks to the designer of all my covers – JBGraphics. It was difficult to strike a balance of old and new, but he did a terrific job in unifying the look of the books.

Here’s the synopsis for SEAL of a Monk

The ancient jungles of Kauai provide the perfect setting for self-discovery.

Despite the terror she experienced on her last trip, Lainey Lee returns to Hawaii to manage a silent meditation course on the Coconut Coast. Twenty-five women are under her care for ten days in a beautiful and remote location. Lainey expects to find inner peace, but four days into the course, one of the meditators disappears without a trace.

Did the girl leave of her own free will, or was she lured away by a strange cult? Lainey is frantic to answer these questions. As her desperation grows, she finds help from an unexpected source—a retired Navy SEAL named Maximillian Scott.

Now, Lainey has two mysteries to solve: what happened to the missing girl and the case of her own heart. Can she ever trust a man again?


I hope the story interests you. It was fun to write, and the research fascinated me on so many levels.

Stay tuned as the next wave of LEI CRIME books are scheduled for release. Target date: July 31st.

In the meantime, you can find all the books for the Lei Crime Series on Amazon US. Sorry it’s not available in other parts of the world (as yet).

If you do not live in the US and wish to read any of the books, e-mail me or leave a comment and I’ll do my best to get a copy to you. :)

As always, please accept my sincere thanks for your continued support,




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Author @JustinBog interviews Eden Baylee for THE BOG ZONE

Friend and author, Justin Bog interviewed me on his new segment—The BOG ZONE.

It was both fun and thought provoking to answer his questions. I even had to write a short piece of fiction. The PRESSURE! I think you’ll like “Kitchen Goddess,” but you may never want me to bake you a pie!

I enjoyed writing it and think you will love Justin’s easy interview style, so hop over and give it a read, will ya?

Hit the graphic below and be whisked away to The BOG ZONE!

the bog zone

Justin is currently on tour with his newly re-released book, SANDCASTLE and OTHER STORIES. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about Justin’s blog stops for his interviews and reviews.

justin bog blog tour


*  *  *


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Scott Bury reveals TORN ROOTS for #LEICrimeKW (@ScottTheWriter)

Fellow Canadian and author, Scott Bury will soon be joining the ranks of authors writing for the Lei Crime Series on Kindle Worlds.

Eight authors, including myself, released books for Toby Neal’s series in April, and a second wave of books will hit AMAZON US end of this month. I will highlight the books over the next couple of weeks on my blog. I’m happy to say I’ll be releasing another book for the series too. ;)

In the meantime, check out this gorgeous cover for Torn Roots, Scott’s upcoming novella for the Lei Crime series.

You can learn more about it on Scott’s blog as well.

torn roots

Hawaii is known for volcanoes and sandy beaches. Beauty and danger reign.

After breaking a case of murdered poachers in Maui’s national park, Detective Pono Kaihale accepts a short-term position as Acting Lieutenant in Hana on the island’s rain-forest coast. He is looking forward to redirecting lost hikers and moderating mild lovers’ spats and enjoying the natural beauty of the southeast coast. But by his second week on the job, Pono finds trouble here comes in unexpected forms.

Environmentalists, property developers, protesters, arsonists, kidnappers, and a rogue Homeland Security agent converge on his new post, Pono feels like the eye of a brewing storm. And when a new FBI agent gets involved, Pono realizes the stakes are much higher than a quiet period in his career.

Lives will be lost if he doesn’t solve this mystery quickly.

* * *

Scott’s book will soon be added to the growing list of books for the Lei Crime Series on Amazon US.


Find Scott at all his virtual homes

scott bury

Website and Blog | Twitter @ScottTheWriter

Facebook | Google + | LinkedIn

Amazon US – UK

Scott Bury is a journalist, editor and writer living in Ottawa, Canada. His articles have been published in newspapers and magazines in Canada, the US, UK and Australia, including Macworld, the Ottawa Citizen, the Financial Post, Marketing, Canadian Printer, Applied Arts, PEM, Workplace, Advanced Manufacturing and others.

Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, he grew up in Thunder Bay, Ontario. He holds a BA from Carleton University’s School of Journalism. He has two sons, an orange cat and a loving wife who puts up with a lot.

He is a recipient of Maclean Hunter’s Top 6 Award and a member of a team that won a Neal Award for business reporting.

The Written Word published his first novel, The Bones of the Earth, in 2011. His first published fiction was a short story, Sam, the Strawb Part, the proceeds of which are donated to an autism charity.

In 2013, the Written Word published his second novel, One Shade of Red, a spoof of the inexplicable bestseller that is mostly made of emails.

His latest book is Army of Worn Soles, a memoir in novel format that tells the true story of the author’s father in law, drafted into the Red Army in 1941. He is now working on a sequel.

*  *  *


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Music Monday and Stevie Wonder

I had a wonderful dinner with friends on a warm Sunday, and they played a set list of Stevie Wonder, amongst other artists.

This was the perfect song for a beautiful sunny evening. Great food, friends, and lively conversation.

Summer can’t get better than that.

Hope you have a sunny, bright week ahead,



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A Guest Blog for the Life Enthusiast Chronicles of @brittskrabanek

Today, I have the pleasure of writing for author, Britt Skrabanek in her Life Enthusiast Chronicles. Every month, Britt invites amazing people from all over the world to reveal what makes them enthusiastic about life. I’m honoured she asked me to be part of the series, so please hop over and give it a read. Comment and tell me what you think. ;)

Be sure to connect to Britt too. She’s an original and she’s terrific.

You can read my article here.



* * * *

Connect To Britt

britt summer

Website/blog | Facebook | Twitter @brittskrabanek


Britt was originally interviewed June 2014 on my blog.

* * * *


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Music Monday and Tiny Dancer from ALMOST FAMOUS

The past week celebrated Canada Day and Independence Day, and of course, music is part of their celebrations.

Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer” always makes me feel both melancholic and nostalgic, especially after a big event. The song  also featured in one of my favorite coming of age films about music. If you’ve never seen Almost Famous — add it to your list.

Hope it brings back good memories for you and have a super week, eden


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Author @JustinBog tours SANDCASTLE and OTHER STORIES

Good friend and author, Justin Bog is touring his newly re-released book, SANDCASTLE and OTHER STORIES. It has a brand new look since Booktrope recently republished it, and it’s gorgeous!

Find out more about Justin’s blog stops and follow him on his tour for reviews and interviews.

justin bog blog tour

The Complete Edition of Justin Bog’s First Collection of Dark Psychological Suspense Tales. An award‐winning collection, Sandcastle and Other Stories reveals twisted secrets that are mined like plutonium. These twelve literary tales are nothing short of an adventure through a roiling sea of emotion. With authenticity and eloquence, author Justin Bog holds a provocative and compelling mirror on the human condition.

Buy from Amazon

Add it to your Goodreads List


Find Justin at all his virtual homes

 Justin bog head shot

Website and Blog | Twitter @justinbog | Facebook

Google + | Linkedin |  Goodreads

Amazon USUK

Justin was originally interviewed here June 2012.

Justin Bog lives in the Pacific Northwest on Fidalgo Island. Justin was Editor and Pop Culture Correspondent for In Classic Style. He is an experimental cook, a lawn mower, and master to two long coat German shepherds, Zippy and Kipling, and two barn cats, Ajax The Gray and Eartha Kitt’n.

*  *  *


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Music Monday remembers Chris Squire – Owner of a Lonely Heart #YES

Chris Squire, bass player for the band YES, passed away this weekend. I didn’t follow much of their music, but this was a huge hit when I was growing up.

YES is going on tour with TOTO, and this marks the first time the band will perform live without Squire. Very sad … but the music lives on.

Wishing you a good week,



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Music Monday and The Look of Love

Fay Slift

With Fay Slift

Today’s music  is dedicated to two very dear friends, Rex and Josée, who just celebrated their 30 year anniversary!

Summer could not have kicked off better than with their party this past Saturday — replete with a fortune teller, burlesque dancer, and the amazing Fay Slift (@fay_slift) who performed “The Look of Love.”

Enjoy this Dusty Springfield number and have a wonderful week.


If you’re in Toronto, have a great PRIDE week too!

~ eden


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Music Monday and Eight Miles High with the Byrds

The Byrds’ last Top 20 hit was inspired by John Coltrane’s complex jazz pieces and Ravi Shankar’s sitar. ‘Eight Miles High’ came on the radio while I was driving last week.

The song was banned from U.S. radio after its release in 1966, following suspicion the lyrics were about drugs. At the time, the band denied these allegations, but in later years admitted it was at least partly inspired by their own drug use.

The backstory only made me fall in love with the sound all over again. ;)

Hope you enjoy too, and have a great week,



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Author @FaithMortimer releases A BRUTAL TRADE

a brutal trade launch party

Author Faith Mortimer is having a launch party for her new book, A Brutal Trade.

I’m happy to contribute a couple of FREE BOOKS to her party, as are many other authors, so please drop by Facebook for your chance to win!

You can learn more about A Brutal Trade below. Congratulations Faith, on your latest book!

* * *

a brutal tradeBuy Links

Amazon Kindle | iTunes

Barnes and Noble Nook | Kobo

Even on a small island the darkest secrets can’t stay buried forever…

It began like any normal day in Cyprus…except it wasn’t…the body of a woman brutally murdered and discovered in a shallow grave changes all that.

It is only days later when amateur sleuth, Diana Rivers and old flame, Chief Superintendent Adam Lovell discover a second female victim…only this time the discovery is even more chilling and shocks the island inhabitants.

Joining forces with local policeman, Sergeant Yiannis Loukiades, the three embark on a journey which takes them to the fringes of humanity. Disturbing secrets are unearthed. They are on the hunt for killers who will stop at nothing in their hunt for one vital woman.

As the bodies mount up, the detectives ask themselves one question. What is the reason for the women’s deaths and their horrific mutilations?

With the investigation quickly gathering momentum, Diana finds herself exposed to great danger…in the sights of a lethal individual who’ll put a stop to her meddling. Each move could be deadly… vicious in its outcome…can the team bring a halt to this brutal trade?

* * *

Connect with Faith

faith mortimer

Amazon US author page | Amazon UK author page

Website | Facebook Author Page | Twitter @FaithMortimer 

Faith Mortimer is a British author dividing her time between Hampshire, UK & Cyprus. Since 2005 she has been fortunate enough to turn her hobby of writing into a career. During childhood, says she dreamt of writing novels which readers would love, and spent many hours writing short stories which she subsequently read to her younger sisters (probably under pressure, she added!). Faith was born in Manchester, England & educated in Singapore, Malaya & Hampshire, England.



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Author @RBWood has a new story in TALES OF MAGIC AND MISERY

Dark urban fantasy author and good friend, R.B. Wood, (Richard, whom I adore) has a new short story in a book recently published.

He is also the creator and host of The WORD COUNT PODCAST, a show I participate in regularly.

Tales of Magic and Misery is affiliated with Ragnarok Publications, who will publish Richard’s Arcana Chronicles series. Its co-owner and editor-in-chief Tim Marquitz authored this book with numerous other writers, RB included. If you want to learn more, visit Richard’s blog post here.

R.B is also the author of The Prodigal’s Foole, available from Amazon. Many of his fans have been waiting for the sequel, so I know he’s just teasing us with his latest story, but hey … he’s worth waiting for. ;)

In the meantime, pick up your copy of Tales of Magic and Misery and enjoy!

tales of magic and misery

Buy from Amazon

Tales of Magic and Misery features 19 short stories spanning Tim’s career and includes stories in the Demon Squad world plus early works of horror and dark fantasy. Also included are several rare stories as well as one unreleased and a two-chapter sneak preview of the forthcoming Tales of the Prodigy novel and the first chapter of Clandestine Daze, Eyes Deep.

As a bonus, Tales of Magic and Misery will include stories from a number of other authors, giving readers a peek into new worlds. Alongside a never before released story by C.L. Werner ToMM includes: Armand Rosamilia, Nathaniel Connors, Adrian Collins, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, R.B. Wood, N.X. Sharps, Daniel Weaver, Amanda Shore, Glenn Hefley, Chris Garrett, GR Matthews, and J. Cameron McClain.

Connect with R.B. Wood

RB wood white hat

Website | Twitter @rbwood | Facebook

Amazon Author page

R. B. Wood is a technology consultant and a writer of Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction and quite frankly anything else that strikes his fancy. His first novel, The Prodigal’s Foole, was released to critical acclaim in 2012. Mr. Wood is currently working on the second book of his Arcana Chronicles series, multiple short stories, a graphic novel and a science fiction trilogy that he dusts off every few years. Along with his writing passion, R. B. is host of The Word Count Podcast – a show that features talent from all around the globe reading original flash-fiction stories.

R. B. currently lives in Boston with his partner, Tina, two cats and various other critters that visit from time to time.

RB was originally interviewed on my blog Oct 30, 2011.



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Music Monday and My Silver Lining with First Aid Kit

This is the fourth time I’m featuring First Aid Kit, Swedish sisters who sing wonderful harmonies. I love their lyrics and music, plus we all need a silver lining somedays, right?


“I don’t want to wait anymore I’m tired of looking for answers
Take me some place where there’s music and there’s laughter
I don’t know if I’m scared of dying but I’m scared of living too fast, too slow
Regret, remorse, hold on, oh no I’ve got to go
There’s no starting over, no new beginnings, time races on
And you’ve just gotta keep on keeping on
Gotta keep on going, looking straight out on the road
Can’t worry ’bout what’s behind you or what’s coming for you further up the road
I try not to hold on to what is gone, I try to do right what is wrong
I try to keep on keeping on
Yeah I just keep on keeping on …”


Have a great week, everyone,



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